Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Things I have learned since becoming a mum

Another FB post written when O was asleep and I should have been doing housework...

Things I have learned since becoming a mum:

  1. Baby brain is very real (I may have said that in a previous post. I can't remember).
  2. Take it when you can get it. This applies to food, sleep, shopping, sex, food, exercise, etc.
  3. Don't bother renting a movie. For some reason, you can manage to watch an entire TV series in 3 weeks, but can't make it through a 2 hour action movie that doesn't have a plot anyway.
  4. You get to the point where you almost prefer a bout of screaming to incessant grizzling. Almost...
  5. Before I was pregnant, I wore super judgey pants. With a matching cape. Now, well, shit, I'm too busy sorting out my own mess to worry about what other people are doing.
  6. Baby brain is very real.
  7. Driving a crying baby around to try to get them to sleep whilst wearing your PJs... Well, there are worse ways to spend a Sunday morning (I'm talking 10am!). Just don't go shopping like that. There is a line.
  8. Baby panadol. Use it. The liver is an impressive organ, especially a new one.
  9. Adult panadol. What do you care? You spent your 20's destroying your lover with tequila anyway.
  10. Even during Wonder Weeks and teething, there are still enough fantastic moments to stop you from stuffing your belongings into a bag and tipping your hat to daddy as you run out the door. More than enough.

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